Stay Awhile

Growing Old with Grace


As baby boomers think about their "Golden Years," or have become care-givers for aging parents, they begin to consider future living arrangements.  More and more people are living longer and wanting to grow old with grace in the comfort of their home.

What is Aging-In-Place?


Aging-In-Place is one's ability, despite age, to live in the space one calls home.  This may be the home you've called home for decades or your children's home.  It's where you choose to grow old with grace.

What do I need to Age-In-Place?


The Designer Chick Co. will sit with you to discuss your specific needs and help you to make modifications or renovations to you your home to make it ready for now or for the future when you need it.  We can do this so your home is functional, safe and even stylish.

In the News


The Designer Chick Co. is humbled and honoured to be featured in July 2018's edition of "East of the City" Magazine.  Learn more about the Designer Chick Co. and why we are so passionate about protecting your lifestyle.

Aging-In-Place FAQs


Why is Aging-In-Place Important?

By aging-in-place, individuals remain familiar with their environments, daily routines and can celebrate special moments with loved ones which keeps spirits up.

Are Aging-In-Place Modifications Affordable?

Comparatively to living in a Retirement Home or Nursing home, making modifications or renovations to your home can be affordable alternatives.


Will my House Need Major Renovations?

Allow our team to sit and discuss your specific needs.  Sometimes, all you may need are minor modifications to your home.

When Should I Consider Making Changes to My Home?

It's never too early to start making modifications to your home.  It can be as simple as adding blocking behind your shower wall for future grab bars during your bathroom renovation.  We suggest that it's better to be prepared rather than waiting till an illness or accident happens.